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 Ampro Handipack
New -23 %
Brand: Gurit Model: Gurit Ampro Handipack
Gurit Ampro Handipack is a simple all purpose epoxy designed for small quick repair work construction jobs. The pack is comprised of 290g Ampro Resin & 85G Ampro CLR Fast Hardener. With a 3:1 mix ratio by volume (3 pumps Resin to 1 pump Hardener). The Handipack provides a quick and convenient wa..
24.62€ 32.00€
HR80 Aircell x 20 mm GP1
-45 %
Brand: Mel Composites Model: 20 mm
Aircell ™ range of foams have been developed to meet the market demands, allowing composite designers and engineers to meet their needs with the most appropriate material. Aircell ™ is the ideal foam for composite sandwich structures and it is compatible with most resin systems; polyester, vi..
44.22€ 80.44€
SR Surf Clear Evo Kit Fast 1.44kg
-23 %
Brand: Sicomin Model: Evo Surf Fast
SURF CLEAR EVO has been specifically developed for the construction of surf and windsurf boards. These high performance systems are formulated for glass, carbon and aramid laminate production.These products are also compatible with all types of foams, polystyrenes, polyurethanes, PVC and AIREX ..
55.20€ 71.76€
Ampro Bio Kit Resin / Slow Hardener 1.30 kg Pack Ampro Bio Kit Resin / Slow Hardener 1.30 kg Pack
-61 %
Brand: Gurit Model: F530-061S
DISCOUNTED FROM €53.01 TO €25.00 DUE TO SHORT EXPIRY DATE OF 26.09.2021Ampro Bio Kit Resin / Hardener Slow contains a single 1.30 kg PackIntended Application: Clear coating for wood and other substrates or for laminating.AMPRO™ BIO BIO-BASED EPOXY MULTIPURPOSE SYSTEMFor bonding, laminating &am..
23.00€ 59.74€
Ampreg 31 Kit 4.66kg Slow Ampreg 31 Kit 4.66kg Slow
-23 %
Brand: Gurit Model: F127-072SL
AMPREG™ 31 EPOXY WET LAMINATING SYSTEM Same 100:26 resin to hardener mix ratio by weight across range of hardener speeds Viscosity optimised for good fabric wet-out and drainage resistance Good cure progression from ambient only cures Tough resin matrix giving good laminate mechanical properti..
103.35€ 134.36€
Sikaflex 295 UV Black 300ml
New -27 %
Brand: Sika Model: 166791
Sikaflex®-295 UVExterior sealant and direct glazing adhesive for organic glass in Marine applicationsSikaflex®-295 UV is a 1-component polyurethane adhesive of paste-like consistency that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture. It is suitable for interior and exterior sealing applications and to ..
17.00€ 23.22€
Graphite Powder 0.5 kg Graphite Powder 0.5 kg
-41 %
Brand: Gurit Model: A235-001
Graphite Powder 0.5 kg Provides black colouration to solvent-free epoxy systems Designed to be added in small quantities directly into mixed systems Suitable for use with Gurit multi-purpose and laminating systems Solvent-freeGurit graphite powder is an unreactive pigment designed primarily to ..
11.20€ 18.96€
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Model: B-CUD300/24K/050/0
Reinforcements suitable for composite component manufacture and repair.  Unidirectional fabrics for a variety of construction styles where optimu..
Brand: Gurit Model: F650-007 S
Spabond™ 730 is a fast curing structural adhesive designed for applications where reduced clamp times are important. It has a simple 1:1 by weight and..
Brand: Gurit Model: F127-039
The Ampreg™ wet laminating range consists of standard, commonly used laminating products, as well as systems with higher strengths and operating tempe..
Brand: Gurit Model: F920-001
S-Fair 600 Sag resistance up to 35mm on vertical surfaces Easy to sand Simple 1:1 mix ratio by volume Available with two hardeners; Fast and S..
Model: 2051
Ultrafast Assembly in Extreme ConditionsARALDITE® 2051 adhesive allows you to bond at up to 40°C without being affected by humidity, enabling repair ..
Model: UC-50k-300/500
Reinforcements suitable for composite component manufacture and repair.  Unidirectional fabrics for a variety of construction styles where optimu..
Model: CC201/100
RC200T is also available in roll length of 100 linear metres /  125 m2.  If you wish to order a smaller quantity you can also select in part..
Model: BC-50k-400
Reinforcements suitable for composite component manufacture and repair.  Multiaxial fabrics - stitched construction.  These products offer e..
Model: B-RC400T/12K/T2X2/1
Gurit RC416T / 1270 / 2x2T HEC 12k is available in roll length of 50 linear metres /  63.5 m2.  Also available in part metre quant..


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