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The Composite Store is an authorised Sika Distributor for the Balearics and Spain.  We can supply most Sika products quickly from the Sika distribution points in Madrid and Barcelona.  Please contact for more information or specific quotations.

Sika Adekit A130 50ml
Model: A130 50ml
2-component room temperature cure liquid epoxy adhesiveLiquid product suitable for injectionFast setting product adapted to reduce assembly timeExcellent mechanical performancesAreas of ApplicationEmbedding and anchoring of metal rods on hollow or full supportsBonding of decorative elements: Facing,..
Sika Adekit A280 Black 400ml
Model: A280 400ml
ADEKIT A 280 BK / H 6280 POLYOL / H 6280 ISOCYANATETWO COMPONENT POLYURETHANE ADHESIVEDESCRIPTIONBonding of parts in large series, bonding and repairing of body elements, bonding and repairing ofcomposite partsPROPERTIES2 component room temperature cure polyurethane adhesiveNon sagging paste pr..
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