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Nomex Honeycomb

Genuine commercial grade Nomex® aramid paper honeycomb core material. This low density, high compressive strength core material is used as a core material in lightweight sandwich panels and moulded components. It is very popular for use in motorsport, marine and recreational equipment applications. Nomex honeycomb can be incorporated into a structure in a number of ways including wet-lay, vacuum bagging, adhesive bonding and prepreg (with or without adhesive film).

Please note we are an official distributor for Eurocomposites and Cormaster Schutz and can provide detailed quotations.  Please contact us and specify the following to receive a full quotation

  • Grade of material - aerospace or marine / industrial
  • Type of material - standard Nomex or Kevlar
  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Cell Size
  • If you need us to collect and deliver the material on your behalf please provide your delivery address

Minimum order value is €1.000,00


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