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Spabond™ adhesives offer outstanding performance in high-stress, high-load applications for Marine, Wind Energy and Civil Engineering applications. 

  • Spabond™ 400 Series: structural, high dynamic load applications 
  • Spabond™ 500 Series: specialist substrate and applications 
  • Spabond™ 700 Series: for aesthetic carbon laminate applications 
Model: 25000276
ARALDITE® 2031-1 adhesive is a black weathering resistant adhesive specifically designed to bond advanced composites with high strength. Create elegant yet tough composite applications with invisible bond lines.Features:Thixotropic – non slumping Toughened adhesive, resilient bondSuitable ..
Epoxy Tak Spray 500ml
-56 %
Model: Epoxy Tak 500ml
Spray adhesive, solvent based, single component, modified epoxy resin.Product suitable for all methods of production including, RTM, RFI and also PRE-PREGS. It is particularly suitable for placing tissues of glass, carbon, hybrid, felts, release films etc. Perfect compatibility with epoxy resins..
4.00€ 9.00€
Model: A525-001
Curing for Wind Turbine BladesRENUVO is a breakthrough UV curing resin system, developed by Gurit as a repair system for wind turbine blades.The RENUVO MPS can be used either as a stand-alone spot repair, for secondary structural repairs in combination with RENUVO Prepreg and for filling and finishi..
Spabond 345 Resin 20 kg Spabond 345 Resin 20 kg
Brand: Gurit Model: F646-038
Spabond 345 - Epoxy Gap-Filling Adhesive.  Resin 20 kg.Temperature performance up to 73CFormulated to bond lines up to 5mmHigh strength and toughnessExcellent gap filling properties Designed for cartridge & mixing machine dispenserLow exotherm and shrinkage Black fast hardener for cosmetic ..
Brand: Gurit Model: F647-020
SPABOND™ 435 TOUGHENED THIN BONDLINE EPOXY ADHESIVEHigh Tg, strength and toughnessExcellent drainage resistance – up to 10mm on a vertical surfaceDesigned for cartridge and mixing machine dispenseTwo hardener speeds give a full range of working times / clamp timesHardeners compatible with Spabond™ 4..
Brand: Gurit Model: F647-026
SPABOND™ 440 TOUGHENED MEDIUM BONDLINE EPOXY ADHESIVE¬ High Tg, strength and toughness¬ Excellent drainage resistance – up to 20mm on a vertical surface¬ Designed for cartridge and mixing machine dispense¬ Two hardener speeds give a full range of working times / clamp times¬ Hardeners compatible wit..
Brand: Gurit Model: F647-048B
This product is the direct replacement for Spabond 345 Fast Black 400ml cartridge.SPABOND™ 445TOUGHENED GAP FILLING EPOXY ADHESIVE SYSTEM¬ High Tg, strength and toughness¬ Excellent gap filling, low exotherm and low shrinkage properties¬ Designed for cartridge and mixing machine dispense¬ Two harden..
Brand: Gurit Model: F652-021
Spabond™ 5-Minute uses Gurit’s fast-setting technology. It combines outstanding bonding speed with a simple 1:1 by weight and by volume mix ratio. This thixotropic system is ideal for general bonding and repair work on a wide range of materials. Components bonded with Spabond™ 5 Minute demonstra..
Brand: Gurit Model: F650-007
Spabond™ 730 is a fast curing structural adhesive designed for applications where reduced clamp times are important. It has a simple 1:1 by weight and volume mix ratio. It can be used to bond together a wide variety of dissimilar materials and has been designed to give a durable high strength bo..
Model: Universal Adhesive Gun 400ml
An excellent universal adhesive gun for all the Gurit Spabond and 5 minute range.  The VBM 400 (MR) gun for 400 ml cartridge systems.  Available at an excellent price...
Model: 3M 77
Versatile adhesive bonds a wide range of lightweight materialsFast, aggressive tack and low soak-in eliminates clamping and dry timeExtended bond time allows 15 seconds to 30 minutes after application before attaching surfacesMulti purpose adhesive that forms strong bonds with paper, cardboard, fabr..
Model: 2051
Ultrafast Assembly in Extreme ConditionsARALDITE® 2051 adhesive allows you to bond at up to 40°C without being affected by humidity, enabling repair work in cold conditions.Reduce asset downtime by up to 50% with the power to bond in harsh conditions.Product BenefitsFast curing from 0° to 40°CCure..
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