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Methacrylate Adhesives (MMA)

Methacrylate adhesives exhibit good adhesion to metals and excellent adhesion to thermoset matrix composites and most thermoplastics. The main characteristics include rapid curing, tolerance to surface contamination, deviations in the mixing ratio, and combination of strength and flexibility. Other characteristics are high resistance and hardness, high resistance to fatigue,  good chemical resistance, long-term durability and thermal resistance up to 160ºC. In addition, they are easily applied at low temperatures, have a strong odor and shrinkage of up to 12%. Methacrylate adhesives are mainly presented as 2-component systems with no pre-mixing required.

Methacrylate adhesives are used in a wide variety of applications such as structural assemblies and exterior finishes in the automotive industry, interior finishes in the aircraft industry, roofing and flooring in the rail industry. Bonding of the shells of the blades and sensors in the wind industry, gluing of hulls in pleasure and repair boats in the nautical industry, paddle blades and skis in the leisure industry and all kinds of assemblies where fast handling is needed in industry in general.
Model: 25000276
ARALDITE® 2031-1 adhesive is a black weathering resistant adhesive specifically designed to bond advanced composites with high strength. Create elegant yet tough composite applications with invisible bond lines.Features:Thixotropic – non slumping Toughened adhesive, resilient bondSuitable ..
Model: 2051
Ultrafast Assembly in Extreme ConditionsARALDITE® 2051 adhesive allows you to bond at up to 40°C without being affected by humidity, enabling repair work in cold conditions.Reduce asset downtime by up to 50% with the power to bond in harsh conditions.Product BenefitsFast curing from 0° to 40°CCure..
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