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Brand: Airtech Model: Airseal 2T Box
Grey Sealant Tape - Complete Box of 20 RollsLow cost, long shelf-life, grey sealant tape that is a preferred option within the composite industry for debulk and lower temperature cures.The firm but pliable formulation offers high tack and a quick seal. The sealant tape specifically allows for the ba..
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Brand: Gurit Model: PC53-7825
SE75-T1/HMC/300/400/35±3%/2DPE PC53-7825High modulus PrepregWidth: 400mmRoll Length: 60m2..
Model: 1mm
TEMPERATURE+ 130ºC (G10)PROPERTIES EPOXY GLASSGreat mechanical resistanceLow water absorptionExcellent dielectric propertiesGood dimensional stabilit..
Model: ID 21 OD 25
High strength visaul carbon fibre tube with a glossy, woven carbon fibre finish making them a great choice for a huge range of both structural and cos..
Model: ID 76mm, OD 80mm, Length 1m
GRP Glass Fibre Tube ID (internal diameter): 76mmOD (external diameter): 80mmLength: 1 metres..
Spabond 730 Single Cartridge x 400 ml Spabond 730 Single Cartridge x 400 ml
Brand: Gurit Model: F650-007 S
Spabond™ 730 is a fast curing structural adhesive designed for applications where reduced clamp times are important. It has a simple 1:1 by weight and..
Brand: Gurit Model: F127-039
The Ampreg™ wet laminating range consists of standard, commonly used laminating products, as well as systems with higher strengths and operating tempe..
S-Fair Resin 2.5L
Brand: Gurit Model: F920-001
S-Fair 600 Sag resistance up to 35mm on vertical surfaces Easy to sand Simple 1:1 mix ratio by volume Available with two hardeners; Fast and S..
Model: 2051
Ultrafast Assembly in Extreme ConditionsARALDITE® 2051 adhesive allows you to bond at up to 40°C without being affected by humidity, enabling repair ..
Model: UD-300C-37/10
Reinforcements suitable for composite component manufacture and repair.  Unidirectional fabrics for a variety of construction styles where optimu..
Model: CC201/100
RC200T is also available in roll length of 100 linear metres /  125 m2.  If you wish to order a smaller quantity you can also select in part..
Model: B-CBX400/24KA42/125
Reinforcements suitable for composite component manufacture and repair.  Multiaxial fabrics - stitched construction.  These products offer e..
Model: B-RC400T/12K/T2X2/1
Gurit RC416T / 1270 / 2x2T HEC 12k is available in roll length of 50 linear metres /  63.5 m2.  Also available in part metre quant..


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