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Please note that Prepreg and Glue Film are specialist materials and sales are restricted to authorised trade clients.  If you would like to access these materials and you are an experienced composite technician please register for an account with us.

Prepreg and Glue Films are not available for same day shipping.  The material needs 24 hours to defrost in order to cut it to your required length.  Full rolls can be shipped without defrosting.  If you require refrigerated transport please contact us to request and confirm your shipping requirements:

IMPORTANT: Sales of Prepreg and Glue Film materials cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged once ordered.  We take great care to make sure all these materials are shipped in perfect condition, however, if you believe your order is defective, please contact us to arrange testing of the material.  If material is found to be defective we will refund your order and any additional shipping costs.            (+34) 971 621 721

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