• Spabond 440 Fast Box of 20 cartridges

Spabond 440 Fast Box of 20 cartridges

  • Brand: Gurit
  • Product Code: F647-025
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  • 729.59€


¬ High Tg, strength and toughness

¬ Excellent drainage resistance – up to 20mm on a vertical surface

¬ Designed for cartridge and mixing machine dispense

¬ Two hardener speeds give a full range of working times / clamp times

¬ Hardeners compatible with Spabond™ 435 and Spabond™ 445

¬ Lloyds Register Approved & DNV-GL certification pending

¬ Low Toxicity Hardener Formulations


Spabond™ 440 is a highly versatile toughened, high performance adhesive system that is suitable for bonding a wide range of materials. Spabond™ 440 has been developed from the proven performance of Spabond™ 340, whilst sharing the same hardener components as Spabond™ 435 and 445 to deliver a complete adhesive system. Spabond™440 can be applied in thicknesses of up to 20mm at 20°C on vertical surfaces, without the risk of drainage whilst retaining excellent flow characteristics to achieve thiner bondlines over large areas. Available with a choice of two hardeners, improved cure progression chemistry eliminates the need for an extra-slow hardener. The unique formulation offers improved health & safety through the careful selection of low toxicity raw materials. The product has a 3:1 mix ratio by volume. To aid mixing, the hardener components are pigmented to give visual indication of mix quality. Spabond™ 440 is available in cartridges and straight-sided pails & drums for machine mixing/dispense.

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