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Spabond 345 Resin 20 kg

Spabond 345 Resin 20 kg
Spabond 345 Resin 20 kg
Spabond 345 Resin 20 kg
Spabond 345 Resin 20 kg
Spabond 345 Resin 20 kg

Spabond 345 - Epoxy Gap-Filling Adhesive.  Resin 20 kg.

  • Temperature performance up to 73C
  • Formulated to bond lines up to 5mm
  • High strength and toughness
  • Excellent gap filling properties
  • Designed for cartridge & mixing machine dispenser
  • Low exotherm and shrinkage
  • Black fast hardener for cosmetic applications

Spabond™ 345 is a toughened, high performance adhesive system ideal for bonding large structures where substrate surfaces have uneven geometry. The product has a thick, paste-like consistency, and can be applied without sag in thicknesses of over 30mm at 15°C, making it ideal where large, uneven vertical glue-lines are required. The product has a 2:1 mix ratio by volume. To aid mixing, the components are pigmented to give visual indication of mix quality. The Fast hardener is coloured purple, but there is also a black version. This is useful for improving the cosmetic appearance of bond-lines involving exposed carbon composites.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS For highest performance marine projects.

PACK SIZES & AVAILABILITY Spabond™ 345 is available in 400ml cartridges with mix-heads or 20 kg resin and 9.6 kg hardener quantities. Cartridge guns and additional mix heads are also available.

  • Stock: 6
  • Model: F646-038
  • Weight: 20.50kg
  • Dimensions: 30.00cm x 30.00cm x 41.00cm
  • MPN: F646-038
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