• SR Surf Clear Evo Kit Slow 1.38kg

SR Surf Clear Evo Kit Slow 1.38kg

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SURF CLEAR EVO has been specifically developed for the construction of surf and windsurf boards. These high performance systems are formulated for glass, carbon and aramid laminate production.

These products are also compatible with all types of foams, polystyrenes, polyurethanes, PVC and AIREX materials. In addition to board production, the Clear Epoxy Laminating range can also be used for small volume casting, jewellery, decorative work and modelling, as well as clear carbon and wooden components.

  • Available with 3 hardeners: SD Evo Medium, SD Evo Fast or SD Evo Slow.
  • High mechanical performance epoxy system recommended for surfboard production.
  • Yields surfboards with a flexible touch, high temperature and UV stability.
  • High surface and plug finishing, for high gloss requirement.
  • Other applications: surf repairs, fin boxes & plugs, pattern and model coating, etc...
  • Low odor and reduced skin aggression for a better work environment.

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