Ampreg Hardener 3X 19kg FAST

  • Brand: Gurit
  • Product Code: F127-008
  • Availability: 5
  • 492.24€

The comprehensive 3X Series portfolio comprises of a single range of low toxicity, blend-able Ampreg™ 3X hardeners that can be used in conjunction with the following resins:

  • Ampreg™ 30 Low viscosity Resin: replaces Ampreg™ 21
  • Ampreg™ 31 Drainage resistance Resin: replaces Ampreg™ 22
  • Ampreg™ 36 Premium performance Resin: replaces Ampreg™ 26

Ampreg 3X Hardener FAST

Mix Ratio - 100 : 26 (parts by weight)

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Ampreg 3X Hardener TDS

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