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Universal Adhesive Gun

Model: Universal Adhesive Gun 400ml
An excellent universal adhesive gun for all the Gurit Spabond and 5 minute range.  The VBM 400 (MR) gun for 400 ml cartridge systems.  Available at an excellent price...
Model: K215-079
An excellent adhesive gun for the new Gurit Spabond 400 series.  The 2K Polymer EX3 Dispenser Manual Gun fits the Gurit Spabond 385ml cartridges (Spabond 440, Spabond 435, Spabond 445) and Gurit adhesive 585ml cartridges perfectly.Available at an excellent price...
Brand: Gurit Model: Mix Head
Nozzles for Spabond adhesive cartridges to ensure a good mix of the two components...
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