Emergency Repair Kit

Emergency Composite Repair Kit

Emergency Composite Repair Kit


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Emergency Repair Kit

The compact kit contains all the essential supplies for small repairs.  Boxed and ready to go with resin data sheets and mixing utensils and syringes included.  


Ampreg 30 Kit x 1.26 kg with FAST hardener*

Spabond 345 Fast Black 1 cartridge x 400 ml

RC200 x 3 m2

XC411 x 3 m2

Peel Ply x 3 m2

Brushes - x 2: 18 cm and 20 cm

Rollers -  4 x 10 cm

Small buckets - 6 including lid

Latex gloves – 1 box including 100 pairs

Plastic Mixing and Measuring Cup

Wooden mixing sticks x 6

Resin syringes x 3

* This kit can also be provided with SLOW hardener - please email: sales@thecompositestore.com to order

We are also happy to quote for bespoke Emergency Repair kits, please email us with your requirements