Resin Systems

Resin Systems

Gurit is a leading supplier of high performance epoxy products formulated to meet market and customer needs. Gurit’s innovative approach and expertise in epoxy formulations continues to deliver market leading products for a wide range of market segments. Gurit provides a complete range of formulated products from in-mould gelcoats to multi-purpose systems.

Laminating Systems 

The Ampreg™ wet laminating range consists of standard, commonly used laminating products, as well as systems with higher strengths and operating temperatures. A complete range of hardeners and modifiers give a wide variety of working times, viscosities and thixotropy. 

Infusion Systems  

The PRIME™ infusion system from Gurit has been used successfully for the single operation moulding of components ranging from narrow carbon yacht masts, up to 80' yacht hulls and wind turbine blades. PRIME™ infusion resin has a much reduced viscosity and longer working time, which makes it ideal for infusing very large parts with complex reinforcements in one operation.  

PRIME™ epoxy infusion systems are at the forefront of the development of liquid epoxies for "under the bag" infusion processes, such as SCRIMP™, RIFT (resin infusion under flexible tooling), and VARTM (vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding).